UMA Wang: Effortlessly elegant and feminine

Uma Wang

UMA Wang: Effortlessly elegant and feminine

Uma Wang, China’s first internationally successful designer, has become a hit at IF Boutique Dubai, her collections much awaited and flying off the rails.

For this Spring/Summer, Wang was inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of North African caravans crossing the Sahara desert.

Echoes of nomadic caravans resonated in the collection, which beautifully showcased the Chinese designer’s personal interpretation of an effortlessly elegant, discreet yet strong femininity. The lineup was an essay on modern minimalism with an array of fluid tunics and roomy pants crafted from lightweight materials with a breezy feel.

Many of the pieces, from the one-shoulder jumpsuits, the flowing overalls and the frocks, sometimes with revealing cutouts on the back or slits in the sides, were cut in asymmetric silhouettes. Fabrics, including silk, cotton, as well as jacquard and paper-like cloths, were pleated and draped to inject a subtly dynamic feel into the designs.

The graphic appeal of stripes, plaids, polka dots and micro-geometric patterns were balanced by the prints of pictures shot by Wang in African villages. The sophisticated mood was enhanced by a chic desert-inspired palette, which ranged from ochre and sand tones to black, blue and bright white.

Uma Wang launched her eponymous label in London in 2005 and translates China’s 5000-year-old Oriental culture into wildly sought-after fashion.

She studied at China Textile University and then Central Saint Martins in London, the leading center for art and design education.

Wang designed for Chinese labels for 10 years where she developed her signature knitting techniques and defined her own style and aesthetic.

Since launching her brand, Uma Wang has received critical acclaim for her shows and presentations in Shanghai, London, Paris and Milan. She has become a leader in the fashion industry by consistently producing high-quality products and collections that always balance fashion with functionality.

Wang is particularly skilled in mixing and matching different fabrics and textures to create simple but strong garments with subtle detailing. It is these unique abilities that have positioned her to become the first internationally successful Chinese designer.

Her designs merge Chinese traditional beauty, Tao philosophy and the global fashion mood. They are characterized by looseness, fluidity and the nature of absolute femininity. The mixed textures remind of the ancient Chinese paintings in the Han dynasty, more than 2000 years ago.

Uma Wang describes the loose cut in relation to the traditional Tao philosophy, saying, “True feminine beauty is represented moving like the wind and as still as water.” Chinese traditional dresses were all loose and oversized, giving freedom of movement which unleashes mental pressures and keeps a harmony between “body and soul,” she adds.

Wang loves natural fabrics like wool, hemp and silk and delivers timeless clothes – the new luxury.

By wearing an Uma Wang dress one not only enjoys physical comfort, but also mental freedom — a sense of living with nature, embracing the air and water.

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